Thursday, February 2

A frogging I will go...

I finally bit the bullet and started frogging the sleeve for the Skacel sweater. I *had* started working the second pinwheel this morning, but that had to be set aside after coffee got dumped on it, and it was subsequently washed. Hopefully it will be dry by the time I finish the sleeve... which one end of the yarn has perogy cheese mashed potato gunk on it. That's another story, which explains why I decided to try and frog the shorter sleeve backwards. Since I didn't cut the end of the wool off, and I will need more wool to reknit with than the sleeve currently has in it, I figgered what the heck, I'll just unknit it from the beginning, and then wash the rest of the wool later. MUCH easier said than done. I slipped the first stitch of each row... which creates a knot of sorts when unravelling backwards. Then each increase and decrease was a new lesson in four letter words which I won't repeat here! I can't believe how difficult it was to do! I got about half-way through reknitting the sleeve, and I decided to frog everything left on the first sleeve. Now I have a pile of yarn beside me, that I can't touch or else it will end up into a hopeless knotted mess. I don't think I'm going to work tonight since I threw my back out on Tuesday morning, and it's still not better. I'll see how much I can knit before I have to go *try* to lie down without freaking in pain from the necessary position adjustments needed when getting comfortable in bed! I need to stay up at least another hour before I call in, so I should be at least up to the armhole decreases by then.

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