Thursday, February 16

Booger Boogie

Well Booger the 2nd is coming along very nicely. I'm into the green stripe as I write this. Once I've got some cream done to border the last stripe, I'll take a pic and post it here of my progress. This bag is coming along *very* quickly now that I changed the way I'm doing it. I just hope that the way I have in my mind of doing the ends goes as smoothly as the rest of this is. Granted, it *is* all stockinette, but since I'm doing it flat, I'm impressed with how fast I'm travelling.
Derek just about died last night when he got home and saw that I was restarting. I had barely finished the first coloured stripe at that point because I got sidetracked on the KH forum! He said, "you didn't frog *all* that work did you?", to which I replied, "not yet, but I will be!". I showed him the stripes on the first booger, but he still didn't quite get it as to why I was so displeased with it. What was even funnier is that he didn't know why I was calling this a booger! I explained at dinner, and he just shook his head at me... probably wondering what he ever did in a previous life to deserve someone as insane as I!!! After dinner I sat down on the couch for an evening of CSI and Inked and some serious knitting. I got 5 "stripes" done, with only one colour change left until the "sea of cream". Derek wouldn't watch the Olympics, so we missed the hockey last night, but I'm getting caught up with it all this morning.

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