Tuesday, February 14

And we're off!

Well the weekend certainly got away from me quickly! I didn't get as much sleep as I really needed, but it was {barely} enough for me to survive my shifts at work. I'm now working on the sides of my booger. Lyz talked me into using bobbins for the colour changes, and I'm hoping that will go smoother for me. When I got home from work yesterday morning I was exhausted. I helped Lyz for a bit with her buttons on her blog, then promptly passed out on the couch. After I got up and did a bit of tidying up {before Derek got home}, I only had a few minutes left before Derek showed up {early!}. I'm trying to stay away from the pooter at night now, so who knows how much I'll be able to get done here online during the day.

Booger news

Overall, I'm quite pleased with my bag so far. The colour changes are sloppier than I'd like, but this *is* my first real colour change project, so I can't expect perfection... well I *can* expect it, but I can't realistically have it in my first attempt. I'm hoping that the felting process will hide a lot of those imperfections that my eyes can't seem to remove themselves from. Doing the base was a fairly simple process, but doing the sides in the round is proving to have a few more problems than I had originally anticipated. I'm thinking that I will need to knit up to about the 18" mark to get the bag as deep as I'd like. I still need to come up with exactly how I'm going to do the straps of the bag. I have, however, decided what I'm going to do with some of my leftovers from the project. I am going to do the original Booga, but with horizontal HBC stripes. I'm going to use it as a sock tote for taking my socks back and forth to work.

Other news

I've gotten quite a bit done on Alex's sweater at work. It's turning out to be a great "get away from it" project to do alongside the booger. It's sitting at about 6" right now, and looking really good. I've decided to do another one of these for Lissa in the vari pinks I have in my stash. It's Eaton's sayelle, and I got it {with tons more!} at a garage sale two years ago. I think the two of them will look really cute together.


Lyz said...

Hang in there Nic the Booger is gonna look awesome! don't worry about the mess lol I live with mess every day! [remember my son??]I can't wait to see the progress on Alex's sweater!

Nicole said...

Check out my recent posts... I just put up a pic of the pullover.