Thursday, February 2

My first SnB!

I nearly forgot! I went to my first knitting "meeting" last night at our local Chapter's. It was great getting together with other locals that knit {and some crochet too!}. We took over about a third of the Starbuck's coffee shop and were definitely a sight! I was thrilled to finally get together with them all after being a member of our local board for about six months. Every other time there's been a get together, I've either had to work that night, or the weather was crappy. One of the best things was that I finally got to meet one of my list-mates from CANcrochet/we_crochet. We've known for at least 3 years that we lived in the same city, but hadn't ever met. Our next get-together is on the 21st I think... I'm hoping to finish the Skacel sweater before the KO so that I can wear it there!

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