Sunday, February 19

Still stitchin' and snoozin'

Well I didn't make it to the felting show 'n tell at Ram's yesterday. I was just *way* too tired. I slept most of the day, and still didn't feel like I had slept enough! I finished off a ball of cream wool yesterday, and started the second. Right now the length is about double the striped band. I want to go until the striped band is about one third of the width, and then work the sides. My guess is that when I get to McNally's, that I'll be working on the sides. Since I won't be able to think while I'm knitting there, I'll probably bring Alex's sweater along too! I'm working Wednesday night, so that's one night less of knitting for me, but if everything works out correctly, I should be felting it on Thursday or Friday {if not sooner}. I made two cute Team Canada inspired stitch markers. I'm going to make a full set of either four or five, and put them up on the site too.

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WPGGAL said...

Please bring your bag to McNallys tomorrow, I'd love to see it.