Tuesday, February 14

Today's Quiz...

Cool granny
You are a masterful knitter! I don't know how you

got this result, but what the hell... Enjoy

your title, and try selling some of your

"unvented" patterns- you may make

enough for that bundle of qiviut you've been

drooling over...

Are you a knitter?
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Lyz said...

Tee Hee! I love that quiz. I just took it and it says I may not be a granny but really I am LOL! Read the rest on my blog.

Nicole said...

I've got a couple quizzes ready to post here... need something to help with the KO stress! I'm sure glad I didn't get anything granny related for my answers... you *know* that's the last thing I want right now {or the next 5 years at least!}.

schrodinger said...

Cool, master knitter sounds a lot more interesting than my rating of granny knitter, esp. since I'm not even a mother... yikes!