Tuesday, February 21

And now for the second intermission...

Well I took a small intermission yesterday! I was nearly done the first side of the bag, and I decided that I needed a little diversion. I want to learn how to draw, mainly so that I can sketch out my designs and such. I bought a paint-by-numbers kit that will hopefully help me get more in touch with the artist that {might!} be in there. I spent most of the morning and afternoon getting a few sections done. It's definitely going to be a big time committment, and the painting is only 16x20! I did up my first sketch last night, a rendition of the booger, and it was all that Lyz could do to avoid getting coffee splattered all over her monitor!
While at the dentist's with the kids yesterday I got quite a bit of quality time knitting in. He was a lot more behind than usual, and the kids had no problems that I had to check out. I just finished casting off the first side, and will be picking up the stitches from the provisional cast on as soon as I'm done this post. My SnB is tonight, so I'm hoping to be knitting the strap. I want to sew it on tonight or tomorrow morning and then felt it tomorrow afternoon. I am working Wednesday night, so I really want this to be done by then.

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