Friday, February 3

A better finish for a bad week.

Well when I woke up this morning, my back was feeling quite a bit better... not *all* better, but better enough that I will be able to work tonight.

Once my hands decided to cooperate, I got going on the sleeve again. I just finished it about an hour ago, and the difference between sleeves is now less than an inch. I'm leaving it as is, and will wash the remainder of the yarn a little later on, since I intend on using that strand for the neckline. I am now working on the back pinwheel. I found a small spot of coffee, but I'll blot that off later on when I'm done knitting on it for the day. I got it off the dpns and on to the circ, so that's really good progress. I'm in really good shape to finish the knitting on this sometime over the weekend. That will give me *my* weekend to do the finishing on it before the KO start on Friday.

I am supposed to be getting my Denise's today, and I can't wait! Depending on how short the shortest cord is, I may get started on Alex's mini-HP. I'm not that enthused about his scrunchable scarf, so I'm gonna go back to my {2nd!} original plan of the HP. If the cord is too long, I'll either use two circs, or I'll go pick up an Addi, and not let the clerk talk me out of it this time.

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