Friday, February 10

YAY!!! Team Manitoba!

All hail the polar bear for Team Manitoba!!! Thanks so much Janice for pointing me in this direction! I'm too brainless right now to make the changes to my sidebar, but I've got a bunch of updates to do in the morning after I get home from work... toodles till then!

BTW: I decided that taking a pic of my bag before I frogged it wasn't within the spirit of the pledge... because I don't want to dwell on my misfortunes, but my accomplishments.


WPGGAL said...

Hi Nicole, I think you ARE Team Manitoba, I don't know of any other Manitobians that are in the Olympics, do you?
Go Team Manitoba!!

Nicole said...

So far, I do not know of anyone else registered... but I could be wrong {and have been before}. In any case, I'm going for gold... gotta dig out my bumper sticker that I got from DHs work last time {they were a corporate sponsor for the TC hockey team}.