Friday, February 17

EEP!!! The timer changed!

Well I just noticed now after waking up from my afternoon nap. My timer has turned to yellow!!! Well as long as I am ready to felt by the time it changes colour again, I should be okay. I think it's really cool actually. Thank you to anny purls for sharing the code with us all, and her hubby for writing it! I didn't get any knitting done today yet, other than the couple of rows at work. When I got home from work I quickly filled out my taxzes since I got my T4 last night. Then I had an errand to run for Derek. By the time I got back home, it was nearly noon, so I just went and lied down on the couch. I got a good solid 4 hour nap, which will be enough if I can squeeze in another hour or two at least before work. I got the last two jerseys for my collection last night. I just need to get the stand, and decide if I'm getting replacements for any of the ones I opened. I also got two of the car window flags this morning. I'll take a pic of one tomorrow and probably post it... it's just way too cool!!! That and Canada got 3 more medals today -- YAY!!! We're now ahead of the US, and tied for 3rd place in medals. I am still in shock that the women's hockey finals *ISN'T* Canada vs. US... WTG Sweden! {You *do* know that you're gonna have to settle for silver in this one don't you???}

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Lyz said...

EEP is such a cool word! ROFL! I Love it!