Tuesday, October 11

Polly wanna cracker?

Well I went and did it... I went and got the budgie I saw at Petcetera on Saturday. Derek and I got there just before closing today and he was still there. I've named him Charlie... well I think he's a him. His nose thingy is a pinkish lavender, so it's too coloured to be white, and too light to be considered blue. I'll have to look it up in the budgie book to be sure, but we just might have to wait a couple weeks until he's a bit older to find out positively.

Nigel and Charlie are currently cage-mates and are getting along fine so far. Charlie didn't really flip out at all when we put him in the cage like Nigel did at first. He went a little loopy but Nigel gets a little crazy like that every once in a while too. They seem to be happy together, so that's a good thing... it can be hard when your birds are young, but I guess Nigel still remembers being in a large group of birds.

Derek has taken a picture of Nigel, and I'll get a picture of the two of them tomorrow and upload it. All we will have left to do is to get them a bigger cage as soon as money permits... unless we can get them finger trained, then we can let them out to fly around a bit.

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