Saturday, October 15

Coffee and keyboards... ARGH!!!

Well this time it wasn't my crocheting, it was my keyboard that got the coffee. Strange thing is that I didn't have a cup of coffee on my desk yesterday morning when it happened! My keyboard was acting really funny. There were letters that weren't working, ones that were working strange, ones that would work only when they wanted to, and some that were perfectly fine! Well that keyboard is currently in my dish drainer rack after a well-deserved bath. I bought myself a back-up board at work this morning. I paid like $9 for it, and I sure got what I paid for. The keys feel funny and a few are in different places, and I swear that overall it's a bit smaller, so I can't seem to type correctly at all. I guess the biggest differences to my usual typing are how the keys don't "click" like my old ones, so I'm not sure when I've used enough pressure to actually connect; and the backspace key is a regular-sized one instead of a double-sized one, so I keep hitting the "\" key instead of the backspace! LOL

I've been busy working on my fishies while outside for my smokes the past two days, so I've added five more fish to the "school". I'm trying to decide how I'm going to lay out the finished ghan so that I can start sewing a few more of the fish together. I'm still working on the Kroy socks for my coffee breaks at work. I'm sitting at between six and seven inches total on the first one. I think it's somewhere around the eight inch mark where I turn the heel, so I'll do that during my "weekend". The round ripple is coming along. I'm on the fourth colour change now, and I figure that this colour, one more set of the blue, and then a final one of the vari should make the overall size a good one for Colton. I am going to have to wash it before I give it to Daryl... there's a bit of a musty odour on it from rinsing it out... nothing that a bit of soap and a washing machine can't get rid of.


lilluna said...

I think I have worked with that same $9 keyboard! It had a single-wide backspace key as well, and that was the most annoying feature of the keyboard.

Nicole said...

Well I certainly got what I paid for... especially at WM!!! Oh well, once I *finally* get my replacement from Dell, I will have a backup keyboard for the next time the kids do that... and I *know* they will!