Tuesday, October 11

Fins and Feathers...

Wow... nearly a week since my last post. I guess I *have* been getting more sleep lately! I sure haven't been at the pooter much, that's for sure! I was thisclose to getting myself a bird of my own on Saturday. Derek and I went to Petcetera to get some more bird treats for Nigel since they were on sale. While we were there, I spotted a gorgeous nearly all white budgie. He had a bit of greyish black on his wings, but the surprise was when he spread his wings... his back feathers were the brightest shade of electric blue! I'm still working on Derek to let me get him... wish me luck!

On the fins side of the house, our fish count is still static at five. Didn't get any snails for Dory's or Nemo's tanks since the only ones we could find that were small enough would have reproduced to the point of polluting the tank. Derek has decided on the names Cheech and Chong for our Otto's, so now I can take pictures of them and post them soon.

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