Wednesday, October 12

My poor aching back!!!

Well for the last two days I've been making MAJOR progress in the basement. If nothing else, getting rid of all the mould and mildew will help my headaches and such that I've been having. Since my back hurts so much after my 15-30 minute stretches down there, I've been "rewarding" myself with knitting and crocheting time.

The round ripple afghan is still drying. I was hoping it would have been dry by this morning, but no such luck. I have done a bit on the last mitten for the girls, but I decided to dig out my Homespun sweater and get a few rows done on that. I have found out that it takes me about 15 minutes to do two rows on that one, so I might bring it to work as a coffee break project occasionally.

I'm also trying to get bits and peices of my room and Alex & Lissa's room done. I got 99% of the laundry out of my room, and am starting on the laundry in their room. What's frustrating as hell is that at least 75% of the clothes in their room are clean... or rather *were* clean. I figger if I can get all this laundry actually put away, and find a few UFOs in their room to work on, I will have made huge progress in getting this place in order. That and getting a few of my UFOs out of the way before I start too many more projects! LOL

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