Saturday, October 1

Dishcloths Revisited!

Well I've finally uploaded the picture of some of my dishcloths that have gotten their ends woven in. I'm *not* going to admit how long some of these sat on my desk waiting for that, and I'm also not going to admit how many more are sitting there waiting! ROFL

Clockwise from the top: Fishy Dishy done in Shaded Denims; Fishy Dishy done in a limey varigated {can't remember the name of it ATM}; Lacy Round Cloth {the recent KAL}; Granny's Favourite done in the Limeys; Granny's Favourite done in Denim.

I have a few others I've recently finished, but haven't gotten around to weaving in the ends yet, or taking the pictures! I'm trying to finish off the ball of limes cotton, so we'll see how many more I can add to here!

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