Wednesday, October 12

It's five o'clock somewhere...

That's Lyz's theme today and I'm adopting it! I've been knocking myself out all day it seems and I can't really see much progress at all. I did take out 2 black garbage bags of trash out of what was Johnny's room, and one small bag out of ours. I took about three or four of the huge tubs of laundry out of Alex & Lissa's room, but I still can't see the carpet in there. *cries*

Between all the cleaning, and being so frustrated with the kids, I have a killer headache. I feel like crawling into a bottle of Malibu and not even trying to get out! Better yet, I feel like going and playing pool and getting drunk! But I can't... gotta work tonight. *cries louder*

I'm still working on the last mitten. I would have finished it today, but I was working on my Homespun sweater quite a bit. I've gotten about 10 rows at least done on it, and that feels good. Lyz found me a great stocking cap pattern that I'm going to convert from a flat pattern into a round one, and I can get started on that as soon as I finish this mitten {thumbs can wait!}, and I locate the circs I need. *cheers*

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