Tuesday, October 4

Hi ho, hi ho, it's time to clean up the nearly FO!!!

Well I'm on a mission today! I want to see how many of my nearly FOs I can get done. My first sock for me will be finished sometime this afternoon. I've only got about 10 more rounds until I need to change colours for the toe. I'll get the ribbing cast on for the next one later on. I also want to get the ribbing done for my Kroy sock. I think I'm somewhere around round 12 of 16 for the ribbing on that. I also have a half-done little houses cloth that I started yesterday. I'm tempted to get adventurous and weave in a few ends and take some pictures too! That will help clear off my desk a bit for sure!

I started a soap saver for Derek today out of some light blue Phentex. I don't like how it's turning out, so I'm going ot have to frog that and restart it. I'd like to try and get that done today too... if I can find a stitch pattern I like for the body of it, that's a doable goal IMO.

Well my laundry is waiting to be rebooted... let's see how far I can get in my goals for today!

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