Friday, October 12

You oughta be in pictures!!!

I've been busy with another one of my weekend goals... PICTURES!!! The quality ain't the best, but that's about all I can do with the dial-up. I'm gonna separate this into a couple of posts so that I don't overwhelm my system! This post will be my current socks.

These are Henry's socks... nearly done! The gusset stitches for sock #2 have already been all picked up, so it's just a matter of knitting the foot and weaving in ends on this one.

This is the first sock for Henry's wife. It will be staying at this point until I find out what her shoe size is.

This is the first picture of my Tofu socks. The pooling is... well... interesting. The tiny needles and resulting tiny guage is driving me crazy!

This shows the other side of my first Tofu sock. The pooling between the two sides makes me think of a 60's flower power design!!!

1 comment:

Lyz said...

I never in million years though I would ever say this but..,
oh man I LOVE tofu!
all the socks look great Nic :)