Thursday, October 11

What's a woman to do???

I'm having trouble trying to decide what to do, and what to work on. Don't we all seem to have that problem from time to time? I have a couple of projects that have been hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles and I still can't seem to get moving on them.

Two of my most troubling ones {at this moment in time} are for Lissa. The first is a really cute cardigan with a "fur" collar that I started well over a year ago. I knit up 95% of it really quick, and the finishing of it has been stagnating ever since. I don't think I've even touched it since I was in Thompson... if you look back to my May or June archives in 2006, I'm pretty sure I have pics of it there since I was indecisive about which buttons to use for it. I think it would take me about 2-3 days devoted to it to finish it, but I would have to evaluate it first.

The second is a shawl that I *had* wanted to finish for Lissa over a little more than a week. It was to be for her to wear to the kid's Christmas party for Derek's work. {If you are on my MSN list, you can see what she *did* wear as my avatar} At that time, the goal seemed quite attainable, but as life tends to do, it got in the way. The reason story I'm sticking to is that right after starting it, I was sent to do the Portage la Prairie store set-up, and the 3 hours of driving time every day cut into my home-knitting time too much. Since putting it down right after the party, I've only picked it up a few times to work maybe a repeat or three of the pattern. If I'm not in one of the cat's paw rows, it's a mindless knit, and I really should get working on it. What gets me, is that I've promised myself that I won't buy another 4.5 mm Addi to start a shawl for me... I *have* to finish this, since putting the shawl on waste yarn to rescue the needle will doom this shawl to UFO status permanently.

Do any of you get like this? Do any of you have any suggestions for me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Lyz said...

hmm... only comment i have for you is: your NOT alone!
one day you will get an acute case of finish-up-itis. If you are like me however, finish-up-itis always seems to last a much shorter time than start-itis does...
good luck with your projects, I have faith in you :)

Brian Roberts said...

Sounds like Lissa's cardigan is like the one my mum was knitting for me when I was 8, by the time she finished it I was 23 and it then fitted my 10 year old sister who hadn't even been born when my mum started it for me.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the support guys!!! I think I'm in an end-itis mode right now since these projects are bothering me so much. I can't see start-itis rearing its ugly head too much since I don't have *that* many projects begging to be made right now. And Brian, if I wait till Lissa is *that* old to finish her sweater, it will be going to a girl grandbaby!!! I don't think Lissa will *still* be that slim! *ROFL*