Friday, October 12

You oughta be in pictures!!! Part Four

Now in the last installment, I bring you stash shots!!! This is the yarn that Derek bought for me when he was in Winnipeg for the weekend in mid-September.

This is one of the Super Soxx Surprise packages from Ram's... it was Derek's initial reason for going there to begin with. As he was making out his list of stuff to do and get in Winnipeg, he asked me if I'd like one... of course I said "YES!!!"

This is one of the two skeins of Tuffy that he bought as well. I mentioned to him that if he was going to Ram's anyway, it would be nice if he picked himself up some more sock wool... I only have enough for one other pair right now!

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Lyz said...

Awesome! YAY for Derek! (You have him well trained) He cares so much about you to go and do a yarn pick up for you. Now I just have to convince Kelly that he WILL SURVIVE a pick up at the yarn store in Edmonton for some STR! LOL