Thursday, October 4

And now for something completely different!!!

Yes... something completely different... a post where I don't spend 99% of it bitching about my crappy interweb!!!

First the bad news... I've developed a repetitive motion injury from using my boxcutter at work. That means I'm not supposed to allowed to knit. That only caused a temporary stop to my work, and I'm back knitting again, albeit carefully choosing projects, and limiting my time on them.

I finished another dishcloth at the flea market. I managed to sell a little bit, but not enough to pay for my first B&L order like I had originally hoped. No fear though, I am damned and determined to get that order in!!!

I've gotten the first work sock done for Derek's boss, and finally got through all the gusset decreases on my Tofu socks. I started a pair of plain stockinette for Sheri {boss' wife} out of some stash sock yarn; Dazzle Super Socks in a blue/teal/green jacquard colourway. I've just finished the gusset decreases on the first one of those.

I've gotten a few more colour repeats done on the ripple afghan for the living room. It measures about 14-16" now. Once my wrist can handle more knitting, I'll be able to get back to my goal of 2-4 repeats a week on it. The kitchen floor mat out of my cotton yarn leftovers is currently stalled. I use pencil hold for crocheting, and that's just *not* doable right now.

And now, the best for last... I'M ON RAVELRY!!!! Yes, I *am* yelling! There Lyz... you can SHUT UP NOW!!! I'm on there... I'm *still* not spinning though! *sticks tongue out at best friend*


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I've been adding up all the variables - trying to figure out what is "B&L".
And I read on - because of your injured arm.
I have recently broken my elbow and was told not to knit - but at the same time was told, "don't do anything that hurts".
So I found out a few rows of stockinette did not hurt, but cables sure did.

I have just surfed in, so I did not know that you are Canadian.
I've been knitting dishcloths for much too long apparently - because I went through P&C (Peaches and Creme) and several other cotton yarn abbreviations before it hit me: Briggs and Little!!!!

When I was growing up I thought it was the only 100% wool yarn made anywhere (let alone made in Canada).

So how does a westerner know about that wonderful yarn? Is it that famous?

I'm asking rhetorical questions only. It's just nice to find that someone who is not on the East coast appreciates some of the finer things.

Happy knitting once you are healed,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Lyz said...

*sticks tongue out right backatcha*
LOL I already joined up u to my friends list on ravelry. can u tell i am just home from work on midnight shift?