Monday, January 22

Where the hell has she been?

Yes... yes... yes... I *know* that I've been seriously MIA from blogdom, as well as online activity in general. Here's the RDCV {Reader's Digest Condensed Version} of the last 4 months:
1. I got a Nintendo DS and a copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World. WARNING!!! This game is addictive to the point of being nearly a terminal illness! I've gotten several of my friends, as well as my entire family addicted to playing it as well! My main involvement online in October and November was on one of the online communities devoted to AC:WW.
2. I've been commuting over 3 hours a day for the last two months as I do a store set-up in Portage la Prairie. It's been a great experience as I've been involved in the store since 4 days after possession, and will be there to the end of this week. Soft opening was last Thursday, and official grand opening is this Thursday. I'll probably post some pictures of it once it's all said and done.

That basically covers what I had been doing. My knitting has suffered greatly, and it wasn't until New Year's that I got back into knitting with a passion again. I will bring you up-to-date with my WIPs and FOs as I continue to update here. There are two main developments in my current activities. One is that I've joined Lime & Violet's 2007 Sock Marathon. I haven't done my inventory yet, but I've gone through in the range of 500 yards of sock yarn since the beginning of the year. The other development is that I am working on creating my own podcast. Stay tuned to this space for future announcements about it.

I have only this week left of insane hours {60+/week}, and then I'll be dropping down to 28/week for a few months, as is typical in retail.

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Brian Roberts said...

Well holy mother f god, you have finally made it back to blog land and about time to. I agree with the warning about the Nintendo DS and Animal Crossing as I one of the said friends that has been affected by the addiction.