Wednesday, January 31

Can I get a HOLY CRAP?!?!?

Well I finished my sock yarn inventory to the best of my ability... I am missing a bin of yarn *somewhere* in the house containing at least 6-10 pairs worth of sock yarn. Well the tally {so far} is 20 602 metres, which works out to roughly 12.8 MILES of sock yarn. Can I get a HOLY CRAP?!?! I still need to figure out exactly where I am in my marathon, as well as how much of that yarn I want to use up... I'm figuring that about 3 pairs of completed socks a month is a reasonable goal.

Sock progress so far this week is dismal... I had to frog Derek's Columbine sock as I got to the heel... it turns out that his legs aren't as wide as I first thought. I have done the frogging and reballed the yarn, but I've been too busy with other things today to recast them on. I finished my "not-on-two-circs" socks today, and cast on the watermelon yarn that Lyz gave me for Christmas. I am using the ankle socks pattern from the site for them. I've gotten a bit more done on Rebecca's sock, and finished the cuff on my second Old Shale sock. I'm now at "mindless" parts of it, so I will be able to use that sock as my back-and-forth sock for a while.

I've done quite a bit of surfing for patterns and such for my next projects. I dug out the ribbon yarn to finally make my Trio Bag, and I just need to locate needles for it. I also found patterns to make myself a top out of some of my sock yarn. In other news, I just got a call from Rams, and my sweater kit that I ordered is in!!! YAY!!!

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