Thursday, January 25

Yarn, yarn everywhere; and not a sock to wear!

Sorry... that was a *very* bad play on words -- water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink! I've been knitting socks like crazy, but still haven't completed a pair in months! I started my sock yarn inventory for the Sock Marathon, and I have over 7 km in just my Ram's Super Soxx Surprise yarn! HOLY CRAP!!! That's a heck of a lot of yarn, and I haven't even scraped the surface yet! It wouldn't surprise me to find out that I have in the range of 10 miles or so of it, but I think better in kilometres. I figger I get 2.5 pairs of socks out of a kilometre, so I would guesstimate that by the end of March {using my typical sock knitting habits} I would have about 6-8 pairs done. That makes between 2.4 and 3.2 km and if I really concentrate on nothing but socks, I'm guessing I could nearly double that.

I have two more nights in Portage, and then I'm back at my store Saturday night. Cross your fingers for me that I can get out of working Wednesday night, as that is inventory. I'm supposed to have it off due to the 28 hour work weeks, but I was told last night by a marginally reliable source that the schedules have been all changed. I will need to find my backbone and stand up to them to keep my original one, as I *really* need the extra rest.

I'm in the process of turning the heel on my Portage/Pippi sock #2, and I'm hoping to have the pair finished by the time I finish my weekend if not sooner. I had to start Derek's Columbine socks a little sooner than planned as I finished the ball of Regia that I had been using, and can't find the extra ball that I had purchased to finish the toe of his first one! I'm into the second repeat of the "lace", and I think that this project will be a quick finisher.

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