Friday, January 4

Enjoying what you are doing

Ever since I left my "paycheque" job nearly two years ago, enjoying what I am doing has been my #1 priority. It doesn't just apply to my knitting. I do my best to enjoy everything that life has to offer me now.

One problem with this is how I get distracted by "ooh shiny!" moments!! I am trying harder to focus, and I think I've been showing improvement in that respect. Going over my Ravelry projects as one example, it appears on the surface that I haven't finished much at all. In actuality, it's simply lack of FO photos that have kept me from changing the status of my projects to completed. I actually have relatively few on the go right now... and that's just how I like it!

Last night after I cast off my wrap, I began work on my new cardigan. I had fun doing several gauge swatches, and of course had to get started on it right away! I have no idea how long this particular "oh shiny!" moment will last, but I don't have any other large projects on the horizon for starting anyway. I'll post a couple pictures in the next couple of days once it actually looks like something other than a gauge swatch.

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