Thursday, November 10

You ought to be in pictures... I hope!

Well wish me luck! I'm using this post to test my ability to add pictures to a post via email, and to see what happens to them!

I've been slogging away on the monsterghan all day, finishing almost one complete square's worth of rows. I desperately want to work on some designing, so this *has* to get finished quickly. I'm also waiting for 2 parcels to arrive. Hopefully Monday since tomorrow is a holiday, and I'm in town on Tuesday.

*If* the pictures work, please forgive the poor quality, as they were taken with my phone. One is of me hiding behind it to hold it up and show how big it is so far. The other is meant to show the colour and pattern better, along with a peek at our kitten, Spooky.

Nicole =o)


Lyz said...

Very cool! Loving the emerging ghan :) the colour is awesome!

Nicole said...

Thanks Liz! It will be stunning once it's finished... Too bad I don't get to keep it! Strangely enough, the *bad* pic shows the colour better than the *good* pic! I just hope Neecie is as happy with it as we are! ;o)