Monday, November 14

Still recovering...

Well I'm still recovering from this weekend's "migraine from hell". At least when I was younger, I had usually had some fun to deserve this kind of recovery pain! Not much got done around the house, but I *did* get some knitting done in between naps. The daily quota on the Monsterghan has been exceeded, and the ribbing is done on the Nearly Instant Gratification socks. I'm really enjoying knitting with Felici as much as I enjoyed squishing it in the ball when it arrived. I'm expecting a *very* comfortable pair of socks!

Nicole =o)


Lyz said...

Lovely. Socks! Are they for me ??? :)

Nicole said...

You wish! I love ya to death, but even *that* has its limits! MUWAHAHAHA!!!

Besides, I only have 2 balls of this colour... I'd need 4 or more for your skis!