Saturday, October 1

Are you organized?

I *try* to be... I tend to have one of those memories that actually *can* remember exactly where a specific item is in a mess! Unfortunately (or is that fortunately?!) I live in home with other people that not only *touch* things, but *move* them too!! This requires me to have some sort of organization method for my crafting stuff. Plus, I am finding order to be calming and very crucial in my ability to focus.

Since this year has all been about focussing more on my designing, as well as working on OPPs (other people's patterns), I need to organize things to prevent me from becoming overwhelmed.

I want to make my work and storage areas clean, tidy, and user-friendly. I have made two gigantic leaps in that direction over the past few months. The first has been my being 99% faithful in uploading my stash as I purchase it. If it's purchased for a particular project or design idea/ theme, I usually include that in the description as well. The second has been entering my entire library into my Ravelry database. Nearly every book, booklet, and magazine I own is now listed. Some of the older ones aren't in Rav's database, and most of my older crochet magazines are still packed away.

I have most of these pages bookmarked in my phone. This has proven invaluable while out shopping. I can check if I've already purchased a particular magazine, what colours of a particular yarn I already own, or how many metres of yarn I need for a queued project.

I have taken other baby steps as well. I own several sets of dpns in smaller "sock" sizes, as I don't do magic loop or two circs. I purchased some small pencil boxes on clearance that are the perfect size. I printed up labels with the size, and it's easy to see at a glance which one I need. They also stack nicely! After receiving my Knit Picks interchangeable sets I purchased a huge tackle box to replace the smaller ones I had been using for years. The only thing it doesn't hold is my straight needles and speciality hooks. It's a one-stop place for 99% of my tools. I bought some magazine holders at the office supply and filled each one as we entered them into Ravelry, then placed a label on the spine with title and dates. I have several small "Show Offs" containers in the CD size. These are perfect for balls of sock yarn. As I purchase them, I fill them with a particular brand or type of yarn. I also have many large Rubbermaid tubs with all sorts of stash and such purchased over the last 15 years. As these are sorted, they get labels too since they are stacked up nearly to the ceiling!

This is all a work in progress, and I take steps back as I take steps forward. My goal to be able to use my craft room by the time the kids returned to school failed miserably. However, Jackie and I *did* make progress. My many varied interests make my task of sorting and organizing exponentially more difficult! I crochet doilies, so there's a large stash of thread. I knit socks, so there's a huge stash of fingering and worsted wool... 100+ pairs worth at least. I knit and crochet kitchen items, so there's a mountain of cotton yarn. I knit and crochet a variety of clothing and blankets, so my stash includes all weights and fibres of yarn in varying amounts. I also enjoy scrapbooking, sewing, painting, and quilting on a smaller scale, but those too require room.

Once you read about me starting my quilt, you will know that I have achieved my goal in my craft room. You can rejoice for me along with Derek!!

Nicole =o)

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Lyz said...

i'm reading... LOL and wondering if you ever are going to start that quilt... I will rejoice too since I am waiting on you so we can start together! LOL