Thursday, September 15

Time to focus, dagnabit!!!

Where has the summer gone? It seems like just yesterday that I was working on the Footworks submissions, and here it is the middle of September already!!!

May was a whirlwind... "Tutu Cute" won first place, "Walk in the Garden" was accepted for consideration into Knit Picks IDP, and I got to meet my grandson finally!!

June was over in the blink of an eye. Grandbaby was here for most of the month and I quickly discovered that I *had* to give up all of my designing plans for the summer. Without my total solitude during the day I simply could *not* focus on my work.

July was... umm... err... I don't even *remember* July! Oh ya! I knit a shawl!!! I think...

August was here and gone before I even knew it! "Walk in the Garden" was readied for publication, but my summer-swiss-cheese-memory-and-attention-span meant that it was delayed even longer. Oh! And I knit another shawl!

Now it's September and I'm thrilled to be back in front of my laptop again. So far I haven't really done much in the designing front, but I *have* been productive nonetheless. 90% of my library is now listed on Rav. My stash and projects aren't completely up-to-date but they are getting more accurate, and I'm getting better about remembering photos. I have tons of notes to work into patterns but I'm trying very hard to work on them one at a time so I don't get overwhelmed.

What *am* I working on? Tons of stuff, as usual!!! In the next week or so I'll have a few FOs to report. I was commissioned to make a cardi for a friend's daughter. Unfortunately the pattern wasn't tech edited (or wasn't tech edited properly) so I've had to actually think while crocheting it. That's usually why I *like* doing OPPs (other people's patterns), so that I *don't* have to think! I've got a couple of beanie baby-sized teddy bears that are nearly done for Jackie and Rebecca. I've also got a shawl that's about 20 rows away from being done.

I'll post again soon and write about this summer's FOs, but in the mean time you can see many/most of them on my Rav projects page: I also have 30 of my patterns listed, with more to be added soon:

Till next time,
Nicole =o)

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