Wednesday, April 6

Opinions? Everyone's got 'em!

Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller??

Yes, I'm searching for opinions, and that is why I am simultaneously posting across all of the NCB yahoo groups as well as to my blog. I want opinions, and I want as many varied responses from as many different sources as I can!

What sort of opinions am I looking for? Well actually, I want to know what *YOU* are looking for!! Please reply or comment and let me know. If you wish it to be more confidential, feel free to drop me a line at nicolethegeekATyahooDOTca (replace the AT with @ and DOT with . )

What kinds (type of item) of patterns do you want most?
What difficulty level(s) do you prefer?
Do you prefer charts or written instructions?
What is most important to you in a pattern?
What drives you crazy when you find it in a pattern? (Please be specific about *what* it is, not *who* did it)

This list of questions is meant to be a guideline mostly, and I would hope that it will create more of a dialogue. As a designer, I need to know these things from a different viewpoint than just my own.

I would like to thank you all in advance for taking the time to indulge me in my questions.

Nicole =o)

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