Sunday, February 6

The project of a thousand yards...

begins with a single stitch.

Truer words have never been spoken! The largest, most daunting project is completed the same as any other -- one stitch at a time.

Progress is best measured as a series of steps. Not every step is always forward, but it is a step nonetheless. We only cease to progress when we cease to make steps. I like to judge my level of progress as it is related to my peace of mind. The more calm and relaxed I am, the more I feel I can and do accomplish.

I cast on for my first footworks 1.0 entry this past evening, and it has been a double-edged sword for my level of calmness. I really want to clear at least one if not two projects before embarking on yet another, but the time frame involved gives me little choice if I want to enter the competition.

I now have 4 main projects on the go: "Eat Your Veggies" socks, "Melissa" MAM, "Manny" thermal babyghan, and of course a generic sock kept in my purse. I pray that my hands allow me to continue to work at all of these so that I can finish them all in a timely manner. Designing is what drives me, but in order to accomplish my goals, I must complete all of these projects myself.

Nicole =o)

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