Friday, February 18

One down!

Well the first design for Ram Wools' footworks 1.0 contest has been completed! I finished it last night and named it "Eat Your Veggies"! No real reason, just a name that popped into my head while I was knitting away with the moss green Sisu!

The pattern itself will be finished shortly. It would have been done already but I'm waiting to hear back from them on a few questions I had about the writing. I won't be sharing any photos yet since I am undecided about submitting it to Knitty if it's not accepted for the contest.

Design #2 has been started and is progressing well despite a Bob Ross moment! The weather here has been beyond craptastic lately, and if it continues like it's supposed to, I expect #2 (as yet unnamed) to be finished in short order as it's less complex than the first.

Work on Melissa's and Elijah's blankets have been sporadic as of late. My hands have been co-operating with the tiny sock needles so that's where my energies have been going.

Stay tuned for my look inside my head!! I will be posting about one of the ways the design process works for me... From the initial wisps of an idea, to a completed published pattern!!!

Nicole =o)

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