Tuesday, January 1

January Goals

My goals for the month of January are thus:

  1. All stash from craft room inventoried.
  2. All inventoried stash photographed and uploaded to Flickr.
  3. All inventoried stash listed in Ravelry with photographs linked.
  4. Stash-busting goal of 1000 metres used, or given away.

Current Projects
  1. Decide on projects, and stick with, "three projects at a time" rule.
  2. Find, and list {on blog and Ravelry} all WIPs/ UFOs currently in the house.
  3. Finish at least three projects other than dishcloths.

Projects I want to do

  1. Create listing of all a-long's and a-month's that I belong to. Mostly done already, but keep this current.
  2. Decide where those projects fit in with the "three project" rule.

Photographs & Accountability
  1. Keep blog and Ravelry up-to-date with progress.
  2. Photograph and upload to Flickr all FOs. {This will be a constant goal, even though it's also left-over from December's list.}
  3. Link all photos to Ravelry and Blogger.
  4. Post at least weekly to blog with updates on progress, and check that sidebars are current.

My Home
  1. Declutter kitchen. {Specific list to follow}
  2. Declutter dining room. {Specific list to follow}
  3. Declutter living room. {Specific list to follow}
  4. Make detailed list for kitchen redecorating plans.
  5. Make detailed list for dining room redecorating plans.
  6. Make detailed list for living room redecorating plans.


kerlaine said...

very good goals!
it gives me ideas

lyzert said...

When you are done at your house come do mine too! LOL just kidding!
Sounds like a great plan just need to keep at it and you will be sucessful. Geesh though, I'm tired just reading it all! ROFL! Good luck with the goal keeping. Fingers and other crossibles are crossed for you.