Monday, December 31

December Goals Round-up

On the 17th, I set myself a few goals to complete by the end of the month. We all know about how "the best laid plans" can go awry, but here is my progress record:

My goals for the month of December:

  1. Photographs of all FOs listed in Ravelry.
    No photographs were taken at all... partly because I couldn't find a yarn needle to weave in ends.
  2. Blog sidebars completely up-to-date. Done.
  3. Decide on first three projects to focus on as of January 1st.
    I have made my decisions, and have made a place on my sidebar to track them. That's another goal completed.
  4. All a-long's and a-month's listed *somewhere*.
    This was done in a series of posts on the 26th. Some goals were listed, but not all. It's a good start IMO, and I count this goal as complete.
  5. Computer desk and bookcase in living room completely decluttered.
    Both areas got some decluttering, but there still is a long way to go. On the up side, I *did* get both dining room counters decluttered. I will add them to my January goals.

Overall, I think I did quite well considering the work schedule I've been keeping, and my resulting health problems from all the kooky shifts. I'm working at getting "day shift" at Wal-Mart so that I won't have the problems associated with my body trying to switch shifts so drastically every week.

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