Saturday, November 3

Saturdays are for sleeping!!!

Saturday mornings are one of the roughest of the week for me. My first night at work for the week is Friday, and I never seem to get a long enough nap before going in. No matter how carefully I plan, or what all I want to accomplish, Saturday tends to be a lost day in my life! Today when I came home from work I was planning on finishing the last round and a half of my table topper, blocking it out with the pins I bought, taking pictures of it, and finally blogging about it... my Three Day Table Topper!!! Even though I was getting quite dozy on the drive home, I still had every intention of completing that goal... but Blogger had other ideas. I spent the better part of 45 minutes just trying to log in because my computer decided that it needed to reboot overnight. That frustrated me to no end, to the point I'm just gonna say "sod it all!", and head off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow, or even later on today will be better, and I can continue on where I left off!

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