Monday, November 5

It's done, done, done!!!

Yes!!! The three-day table topper is officially finished! I did the last few stitches on it when I got home from work this morning, wove in the ends, and washed it. As soon as I'm done this post, I'll be blocking it out and then going to bed. I'll get pictures of it up tomorrow probably. I won't be making a matching one after all... we don't carry the DMC Traditions at this store... that makes *that* decision a little easier!!!

Derek went digging in the store yesterday and found all kinds of goodies for me! I now have the power cord to one of my sewing machines, so I can finally get started on a bit of that! He also found a bag with a few balls of sock yarn in it... why wasn't that in my sock yarn bin? In any case, that's giving me the motivation to finally post some more of my stash on Ravelry.

I've started the heel turn on my Tofu socks, but I don't know what I want to work on here at home now that the table topper is finished. I joined a group that has you pledge to work on only three projects at a time. Well the Tofu is one, and I can't decide on the other two since I've got about seven different projects in front of me here at the computer, all in differing stages of completion.

Here are the choices:
  • Lissa's cardigan - nearly done
  • Lace shawl - barely started
  • Blue shawl - about 25%
  • Sheri's socks - just started sock #2
  • New sock design - about 4" knit of sock #1
  • Derek's socks - just started sock #1
  • Ripple ghan - 25%-ish

What do you think my choices for #2, and #3 should be? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Lyz said...

YAY! you have gotten a lot done! Great work! Wonderful how a crappy life experience can turn out so productive in other areas of our lives *snicker* My suggestion for the other two of three is Lissa Cardigan for sure. Get'er done before the little girl is too big for it! After all this is your second chance. And third project the lace shawl. Something hard to focus on when you need to challenge yourself. For me though... getting out of bed in the morning is about enough challenge for me these days! Huggs to ya, keep up the good work.