Wednesday, April 19

Spongebob and Dory

Well Monday was Alex's 4th birthday and we had a {UGH!} Spongebob party for him. As much as it nauseated Derek and I, Alex loved every minute of it. Here are some highlights:

Birthday CakeHappy little guy with his cake that he picked out!

LissaLissa is as excited as Alex!

Spongebob beanbagAlex's "couch", in his words... a loud, annoying "thing" if you ask Derek or I!

Alex's BikeGotta love a new bike... and the Spongebob clip-on watch! Alex got a new bike because Jackie had broken his old one on the weekend... poor kid had only gotten to ride it for an hour so far this year when it got trashed. =o(

On a sad note, we lost Dory on Monday as well... that's all three bettas gone to fish heaven now, along with Derek's neons which we suspect were sushi treats for his bigger fish.

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Marce said...

Ok - super mom, knitter, crocheter, and blogger...all very obvious super cool things, but you're from WINNIPEG!!!

I lived in Winnipeg for 10 years (mostly in Southdale) and just noticed this under your KH name today. Too cool.

Love your blog - hilarious! Keep at it!