Wednesday, January 4

Travelling means slippers!

I can't recall exactly when the tradition started, but whenever Derek travels, I make him a new pair of slippers. He used to "blow through" a pair every time he went away, so I simply began making him a new pair before he left! Well, he has needed a new pair for some time now, and since his flight is at 7am, I figured it was about time I made some! I'm proud to announce my first FO of 2012: Derek's Travelling Slippers

I have also set up knitmeters on the sidebar to note how much yarn I've worked through this year. I downloaded my stash database on Ravelry, and it's over 170 km of yarn! Since this project was about 183m, that means I crocheted up 1/1000th of my stash! LOL! I will only be adding to that total as a project is finished, so the numbers will stay static until projects are done.

I am currently working on the yoke of my cardigan while I wait for the time for Derek and I to leave for the airport. I'm not getting the 3+ hours of knitting time as I had hoped because his 7am flight requires us to leave home by 2am! I can knit by feel somewhat, but I can't knit in total darkness. Here's how the collar turned out:

I will keep on working on this until it's time to get ready to go in about an hour or so. We printed up the pattern for the rose-coloured afghan today, so I'm pretty sure that Derek thinks that is the project I will be working on... won't he be surprised when he returns?!? I'm also hoping to have the cardigan done, or nearly done by the time he gets back. The cardigan, the popcorn afghan, and the commissioned projects will definitely keep me busy mindlessly for when I need a diversion from my mind wandering to places that it best not wander off to.

Nicole =o)


Sigrun said...

I think I'd get really anxious doing that kind of math on my stash. then I'd have to translate it into knitting days, then I'd think about my"seniors" age, and panic--not because I probably couldn't finish it all, but because how could I justify buying any more yarn? Then I would have to start measuring the yardage on my fabric stash.....

Nicole said...

Ravelry did most of the math for me... I simply entered in the number of skeins, hanks, and balls; and weighed my partials. I downloaded the Excel spreadsheet, and used the Autosum feature.

I know that I'll never be able to get through my entire stash, but that doesn't stop me from buying more! I'm stuck with less-than-sweater quantities of a lot of it, so I have to buy more!