Wednesday, January 19

Stumbling blocks or building blocks?

I am very thankful for the post-its on my laptop, and the notepad on my Crack Berry! If it wasn't for those two *very* vital tools, I would be utterly lost in my quest to get my designs back online. It seems that for every item I check off on my task list, I find two more things that need to be done! I'm keeping my chin up... the cup is half full, not half empty.

I am very happy to announce that I have been able to recover most of my old design files. I was able to perform enough CPR on my old pooter to transfer almost everything I had on there to my new laptop. Unfortunately, the HDD (for the non-geek, that's the thingy that saves all the *stuff* you save!) on Derek's comp isn't compatible with mine so I haven't been able to retrieve anything from there as of yet. All is not lost since I have more than 50 patterns that need to be checked, formatted, and converted. That will keep me busy for quite a while since each pattern takes up to an hour to switch over if I have all the components needed. There are quite a few missing images as well as other pitfalls so not everything I once had up will be available right away.

I am enjoying all of this immensely. I have a couple of technical things to deal with, such as finding some web space and getting myself recognized as a designer on Ravelry, but nothing that can't be overcome. I'm very excited to be doing this again and look forward to hearing your comments and feedback once again.

Nicole =o)

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Lyz said...

wow! good to see you back online. Now post to my long neglected blog too wouldja?