Saturday, November 20

Is anyone still out there?

This is a post testing out a few things for me. Firstly, it is to see if I have set up email posting correctly. Secondly, I want to know if there is anyone still following my blog. If you are, could you please drop me a line in the comments or my email? Thank you very much.

Since moving to "The Middle of Nowhere" (TMON) life certainly has thrown us more than our fair share of curve balls. We've had to learn how to play the game all over again. The 2+ years since my last post have been extremely difficult between serious health issues requiring several hospital stays, work and the related stress, and no Internet access for nearly 2 years now. Unfortunately my health is still a problem, work is still a problem, and my only Internet is through my cell phone; but I'm working through those issues as best I can.

I am spending a great deal of time designing now and will be publishing them as soon as I get dedicated Internet again. I have been working out what I can online using my phone so that I can get things up and running fairly quickly. The ideas are coming fast and furious these days so I have no doubt in my capability to be able to keep going infinitely.

In closing, I'd like to thank you all for not giving up on me entirely and I'd love to hear from you.

Nicole =o)
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Peri said...

Sorry to hear life has been so tough for you. Good to see you blogging again. x

Esther said...

I'm still here.
No internet access for 2 years...!!!!!