Friday, June 8

Success at last!!!

Well today the sock and I got to take our first train trip ever!!! I hopped on the train at the Southland station, and went 2 stops north to Chinook. I was with 3 of my co-workers and we had a lunch/dinner at Ricky's, which was absolutely *fab*.

After our dinner it was time for the main purpose of the train trip, and that was YARN of course!!! A hop, skip, and a jump away was this wonderful shop called "Gina Brown's". I was smart this time and phoned first to make sure that they *were* actually open, and would still be open by the time Catherine and I walked over there! As we walked through the parking lot to the shop, I stopped to take a picture of the sock and its first Calgary yarn store... unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera cord with me, so all pictures of all of the Calgary and Banff adventures will need to wait until I get back home.

I have to say that I was in awe the moment I stepped into the shop. It was a beautiful, airy place with yarn as far as the eye can see. So many of the various yarns had sample projects knitted up so that you could really see what you were looking at. I was encouraged to touch and feel at leisure, and even though they were closing in about 30 minutes or so, I wasn't rushed at all. The owner showed me where the sock yarn was when I asked, and I was immediately in love. I was very impressed with the selections and brands available in many different price ranges. Even the prices were reasonable. I *am* used to paying a little less for the yarns I already had in my stash, but I have found that prices here in Calgary *are* a little higher... like a dollar or two more per $10-20, so it wasn't anywhere near enough to discourage my purchases. I am a cheap Winnipeg bargain shopper by nature, but I *know* my prices when it comes to certain yarns. I * also know* that if I'm here till the end of the month, I *will* return there, and I won't leave the shop empty handed!!!

There was Fleece Artist/ Handmaiden prodcuts all over and nearly each and every one of them was begging to follow me home. I completely resisted the temptation by reminding myself very loudly that I have the Sweaterkits projects that I *need* to complete. Gina Brown's *does* offer mail order, so I *can* order them later if I like... especially since Ram's doesn't have a lot of the stuff I saw today, and I *did* get to see and feel it up. There was a lot more in various brands, but it was mainly the FA that would not leave me alone!!!

Now... for what *did* manage to follow me home!!! I was extremely restrained, keeping in mind that I *am* supposed to be on a yarn diet!!! I mostly got stuff that I can't back home. I am now the proud owner of my first balls of Trekking XXL and Mega Boots Stretch! I also bought two hanks of a local wool... Mule Spinner Yarns/ Custom Woolen Mills, which is from just north of here. It's a beautiful 100% wool worsted, and I'm thinking a nice small felted bag {or two... with one flying off to Cambridge!} is in order. I also picked up a 6" set of bamboos... They didn't have any 2.5 mm left, so I bought a 2.25 mm set, which if nothing else will be *very* handy when knitting the kids some socks. I also got myself a new crochet hook so that damned Bates hook can be used for the only thing its good for IMO... picking up dropped stitches!!!

I just have to say that if you live in the Calgary area, or are going to be visiting it, do your best to make the time to come visit the shop. It's a mom and daughter duo that run/ own it, and they are both very friendly as well as knowledgeable about the products they carry. They have a blog too, but the paper I have the address written on is upstairs in the room. I'll link it back when I can get my pics on here.

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