Tuesday, May 29

The Eagle has landed!!!

Well... not necessarily, but I *have* found interweb here in Calgary. Stupid me, I didn't find out about it until yesterday though. Oh well. That now means that I can now annoy you all with stupid tidbits about working in a city that seems to have no one working in it!!! Every freakin' place you go, there's a "help wanted" sign *somewhere*. You can't get away from it... except at the little Vietnamese laundry where I went to wash my clothes on the weekend... that place is run by a family and didn't need anyone else!

BTW: A little birdie told me that there's a yarn shop a not-too-long walk away that's by a Chinese food place to try out, and another one a very short C-train ride away... I get to take a train!!! YAY!!!


Kristen said...

My husband and I were just talking with someone today about the woes of not being able to find a good job here in Cornwall, and I brought up the need for employees over in Alberta - however, the girl used to live in Calgary, and she said that they're hiring, and the pay seems high, but the cost of living eats up everything. :( Can't win!

You're taking lots of pictures, right?

Nicole said...

It's very easy to find a job here, just not very easy to find a place to live. Nearly everyone I've met has 2 or 3 jobs... doesn't sound all that great to me. I've also noticed that the prices *are* higher here for the most part, which kills any savings due to no sales tax.