Monday, February 28

Two for the Show!

My second entry for Ram Wools' footworks 1.0 is now done! Well the knitting anyway! Now comes the technical stuff -- the finishing touches on the pattern, the photography, proofing it all before submission.

I'm very pleased with how both of these have turned out and am looking forward to the contest results.

The next design is currently in the planning stages and hopefully I'll be casting on in the next day or two. I have some charting, sketching and swatching to do first but I already have a few pictures in my mind's eye.

Nicole =o)

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Friday, February 18

One down!

Well the first design for Ram Wools' footworks 1.0 contest has been completed! I finished it last night and named it "Eat Your Veggies"! No real reason, just a name that popped into my head while I was knitting away with the moss green Sisu!

The pattern itself will be finished shortly. It would have been done already but I'm waiting to hear back from them on a few questions I had about the writing. I won't be sharing any photos yet since I am undecided about submitting it to Knitty if it's not accepted for the contest.

Design #2 has been started and is progressing well despite a Bob Ross moment! The weather here has been beyond craptastic lately, and if it continues like it's supposed to, I expect #2 (as yet unnamed) to be finished in short order as it's less complex than the first.

Work on Melissa's and Elijah's blankets have been sporadic as of late. My hands have been co-operating with the tiny sock needles so that's where my energies have been going.

Stay tuned for my look inside my head!! I will be posting about one of the ways the design process works for me... From the initial wisps of an idea, to a completed published pattern!!!

Nicole =o)

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Sunday, February 6

The project of a thousand yards...

begins with a single stitch.

Truer words have never been spoken! The largest, most daunting project is completed the same as any other -- one stitch at a time.

Progress is best measured as a series of steps. Not every step is always forward, but it is a step nonetheless. We only cease to progress when we cease to make steps. I like to judge my level of progress as it is related to my peace of mind. The more calm and relaxed I am, the more I feel I can and do accomplish.

I cast on for my first footworks 1.0 entry this past evening, and it has been a double-edged sword for my level of calmness. I really want to clear at least one if not two projects before embarking on yet another, but the time frame involved gives me little choice if I want to enter the competition.

I now have 4 main projects on the go: "Eat Your Veggies" socks, "Melissa" MAM, "Manny" thermal babyghan, and of course a generic sock kept in my purse. I pray that my hands allow me to continue to work at all of these so that I can finish them all in a timely manner. Designing is what drives me, but in order to accomplish my goals, I must complete all of these projects myself.

Nicole =o)

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Tuesday, February 1

Too many minds...

Have you ever seen the movie "The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise? At one point when Tom's character is doing battle with another and losing, he is given advice on focussing because he has "too many minds". I can certainly relate to that!!!

I have so much on the go, and so much that I want to do, that I too am suffering from "too many minds". On the plus side, I am making some progress towards my goals.

I am now officially a designer on Ravelry!!! I have one pattern uploaded with 2 more linked to me but I want to get most of the bugs worked out there before I upload too much more.

I currently have two new afghan patterns written up, and just need to finish the actual projects so that I can finalize the supplies list, finished size, etc. One is a crocheted thermal baby blanket designed for my new grandson. The other is a knitted MAM designed for my youngest daughter.

I am also in the researching stage of several sock designs for Ram Wools footwork 1.0 design contest. Cross your fingers for me!!

Now to focus... Design? Knit? Crochet? Convert files? Too many minds!!!

Nicole =o)

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