Wednesday, February 7

I have a podcast!!!

Well... sorta... kinda... I've just recorded the promotional clip, and gotten it uploaded to a free server. I'm still trying to work out all the bugs of uploading and RSS feeds and the like, but hopefully my first *real* episode will be up soon. I'm very new at this, and doing it on the cheap for the time being, so please be kind in your comments. I have started a new blog just for the podcast, and you can find it here.

Tuesday, February 6

YAY!!! Success at last!!!

Well I am a happy sock knitter again! I found the missing in a safe place ball of Regia Silk Shine to complete Derek's GI Dennis socks. I quickly got the toe finished and all the ends woven in. That makes two completed pairs of socks so far this year.

I restarted Derek's Columbine socks, and am still working on the ribbing of those. I am nearly done Watermelon #2 {I managed my first short-row heel ever!}; I'm down the foot of Rebecca's camo sock; found the pattern I wrote so that I can finish Jackie's sock; and am working on a new super-secret {for the time being} design. The Old Shale sock is currently on the back-burner while I finish up what's nearly done, but I can see several completed pairs *very* soon.

Working on the super-secret design has got my creative juices going again, so I think a few more designs will be coming soon as well... as always, stay tuned to this channel for future updates.

Thursday, February 1

Houston... we have a problem...

I can buy sock yarn faster than I can knit it up!!! At least today's excuse is that *some* of it isn't for me!!! I went to Leona's, which I haven't been to since summer, and again I wasn't disappointed. She has a fairly good selection of sock yarn, and 90% of it is at very budget-wise prices. The $4/ball Confetti is a great example... I can't wait to see what our "bumblebee" socks are going to turn out like. I also brought home some Jawoll that was lonely on the shelf by itself. Total additions to *my* stash: 1410 metres; for a total of 22 012 metres.