Saturday, December 31

December FO's

K&C- Secret project for a friend; a good friend of mine moved at the beginning of December, and I started on a houewarming present for her. It's about half done, but the next time I see her, I'll give her what I have.
K- Secret design for Knitty; this one is probably not going to get submitted after all, but I need to fix the pattern up a bit before I decide whether to offer it here, or submit it elsewhere first.
K- Camo socks for Alex; this is the only pair I completed before Christmas. THey turned out really cute, but I haven't gotten Alex slowed down enough to take a pic yet!
C- Evening bag; this is my own design, and still needs to get beaded. It's a cute little bag for nights out when you need to carry very little, but still need a bag.
K&C- Elegant top out of RH Casual Cot'n; this one was mostly knit in the summer, but I finally finished the edging and got it all sewn together for a night out for Derek and I.
K- Three scarves for the girls; I whipped up three easy scarves for the girls. these were all made with one strand of LB Bouclé and one strand of LB Fun Fur. They turned out adorable!
K- Stocking caps for Alex and Lissa; I knit them each a stocking cap. I still need to get a pic of them and the pattern completely written for the various options.

Goodbye 2005, greetings 2006... waxing philosophical

Well here it is, the last day of the year. I guess that's the traditional time to reflect back on what you've done, and contemplating what the new year will bring and what you'd like to accomplish. I try not to have any regrets, just try to do what I can, and set realistic goals. I hope that I've done that for my goals for 2006. Mainly those goals are to shed a few of my UFOs and work on the Bistro. I know that I will have no regrets at all about that.

I know from my FLYing that clearing some of my UFOs will remove a lot of weight off of my shoulders and my mind. I feel guilty about not finishing them {or not wanting to finish them}, and I know that mental weight is often more damaging to the body and soul than actual physical weight. I think that the goal of one major UFO a month is a realistic and attainable level.

I also want to pay a lot more attention to the Bistro this year. That means getting some designs done that are in progress, and a major redo of the site as well. For the next 3 months or longer, I will be on 4 day work weeks, so I'm going to "schedule" "work time" to get the Bistro web site to match what my new vision is for it. I've been talking to a friend of mine, and I think she's going to be doing my new graphics for me. That means that I need to sit down and actually figure out what all I need to revamp everything.

Both of these together will help bring me some inner peace. My life feels like it is in turmoil these days. I love my job at Wal-Mart, but I hate working there. I love my DH, my kids, and my home; but I can't stand being here. I can't change others, all I can change is myself. Knitting, crocheting, designing... these are all things that I love to do and bring me calmness and serenity. With a crazy life like mine, I need all the help I can get when it comes to relieving stress. I can hope that the added concentration on NCB will contribute to better success for the business end of things. But even if it doesn't, I will feel better to have spent my time and energy on things that I love to do; rather than wasting all my efforts on that which I can have no effect on.

Friday, December 30

My trip today to Ram Wools

Well I went to Ram's today hoping to come home with some bamboo dpns, my first Addi circ, and the wool for my booger bag. Well, I came home with 2 balls of Kroy, a pair of 2.00 mm 10" straights, a wool kit for some fuzzy mittens or socks, and a tentative order for some Regia!!!

They didn't really have any Boxing Day sales on, just their regular sale stuff that I saw on the web site. I looked through their entire clearance section and I'm going to have to go back with a few of my patterns I want to make to see if I can match them up.

They had quite a bit of Kroy on clearance, so I picked up 2 balls to make myself a subdued pair of blue socks {Westport check; two very close shades of denim in a marl}. There was a few other sock yarns on clearance, so I'll pick some more up the next time I go. The only thing that kept me from filling my basket this time was knowing I wanted to go home with more than *just* socks!

I looked at a lot of their kits and the dreadlocks cape/poncho was crying to come home with me. I might treat myself to that after I finish the Skacel sweater. The yarn in that one reminds me of the boucle I need for the round sweater shrug that I want to make, so I need to find that magazine. They have such a wide selection of stuff that's not on the website, that I'll probably find a suitable substitute for the handpainted yarn the pattern calls for. *wonders where that magazine ran off to*

I found where they had the thrummed mitten kits, but a fuzzy gob of wool in a gorgeous lilac shade called out to me instead. It's got a Fleece Artist pattern attached to it, and the fibre on it says: Mohair & Blue Face Leicester. I just need to decide if I'm going to make the socks, or the mittens out of it. Maybe I'll just go get another package of this and not choose at all!!! There was also a blue blend that was tempting, but not as tempting as the lilac. I'm trying to think of what reason I can come up with to get myself that as well!

I found out that the Selkirk Wool doesn't felt all that well, so it's not a good choice for the booger. They recommended either Lopi or Patons Classic. I found some really nice colours in the Lopi, but it will felt fuzzy. The Classic will be a smoother felt, but the only colour that really jumped out at me was the deep violet. I wish they would have had a pale silvery grey that I could use as a base colour for the tote. I may just decide to do Hudson's Bay stripes if I can't find something to go with the violet. I'm going to have to sleep on this a bit more and then go back when my mind is totally made up. I really want to make myself a felted tote, and was sorta ready to buy the wool for it today, but nothing begged to come home with me except the one yarn.

The FT patterns were all between $6 and $10, so I looked a bit, but gave them a pass. I am going to have to find a place that has them online so I can look at them a lot more carefully and decide which ones to get. Or else pay closer attention the next time I'm on their web site.

I was going to get a Patons Booklet and some fuzzy pink yarn {the exact yarn escapes me right now} to make Lissa the cover pattern, a cabled poncho. I figgered that the fuzziness of the yarn would make it an ideal first cable project for me. To make the poncho in her size would take 3 balls, or 4 balls for bigger. That would have been another $30 or so that I wasn't really willing to spend today, since this was supposed to be a "me" trip. The poncho is actually the only pattern in the booklet I'd end up making, but I've spent a lot more than $4 on a pattern book/magazine and not made anything out of it.

They didn't have the 2.75 mm bamboo dpns that I wanted in stock. They may have had them in the SB, but I wanted the nice SR Kertzer ones like I bought the last time I was there. I would have bought a different size, but couldn't think of any size other than 4.5 mm that I would use a lot. I have at least 4 sets of aluminum 4.5 mm, so I'm not going to buy a set of bamboo ones, just for the sake of having them.

I nearly bought the 12" 4.5 mm Addi Turbo circular, but the lady there recommended against it. I really wanted to treat myself to them, but after taking it out of the package, I could see how awkward it would be to work with. I will simply have to make the mini-HP scarves on dpns or a larger circ. Again, I couldn't think of a size of circular that I would use enough to justify the $20+ price tag. I'm not going to bother with Addi straights right now as they only come in a 14" size, and that's too cumbersome for me most of the time. I prefer working with circulars.

I did find some baskets of Aero needles, and the smallest they had was 2.00 mm. I want to do some fine knitting for the girls' dolls... perhaps some scarves or something similar out of fingering yarn or my crochet thread. I thought that the scrunchable scarf pattern would look really cool for the dolls done in my leftover sock yarn. I got a 10" length which hopefully won't be too troublesome for me. They have smaller sizes in the Addi's, so that's something for me to think about as I work on stuff for them.

I found some really cool new Regia sock yarn in my Mary Maxim catalogue and I asked them if they could order it in. If they can, Derek will be sporting some new BC socks, and I'll be wearing Manitoba ones! *rofl* I hope they can... I find out early next week if I can get it. I really don't like doing mail order, so it would be preferable to me to get it there. It will probably be cheaper too.

Well I better get some sleep now. I'll be able to fall asleep thinking about all the projects I can choose from to do, and pick up the yarn for. I work tonight and then am off for 4 nights, so I hope to get lots of knitting in {and maybe even an FO or three!}.

Thursday, December 29

I'm gettin' organized!

Well it's improving here... slowly but surely. I got the girls to clean a lot of my stuff out of Alex and Lissa's room yesterday so that I could start organizing it all. Well as of lunch time, I had at least half of it untangled and balled up. I bought myself a 3 drawer cart that I can keep my the desk to put my yarn into, or perhaps my UFO project. It's got wheels on it, so I can pull it over into the living room too. That will be nice since we haven't replaced my endtable that had the cupboard in it since the fire destroyed my old one. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit under my keyboard tray, so it will be a constant struggle to keep the top from becoming a clutter collector. Wish me luck on that one!

Scrunchable scarf #1 on the needles.

Well I bit the bullet and frogged the short row ribbed scarf I was doing for Alex. I got the pattern from the magknits site, and wasn't happy with how it was turning out double-stranded. I'll try that one again with the girls' scarves since those ones will be single strand WW. For the scrunchable scarf, I cast on 23 {mult. of 3 + 2} stitches. I'm using 2 strands of RH Comfort WW, and 10.0 mm needles. I'm slipping the first stitch and knitting the last stitch of each row. It's working out to be about 8 inches wide which I think will be much more managable for Alex. I'll keep knitting until I think it's long enough, and will be adding a conventional fringe. Then I'll make one for Lissa... not that she *needs* another scarf. =o)

Wednesday, December 28

Gettin' organized!

Well I got another big chunk of sleep last night. With the 12 hours I got last night, that makes about 26 hours in the last 2 days. Last night's rest was much better than the night before though. I don't recall waking up with several coughing fits like I did Monday night. I'll be *soooo* happy once this cold finally goes away.

I lucked out big time and my hands weren't all buggered up when I woke up so I could get started on things fairly quickly this afternoon. I've already finished one mitten and am nearly done the second. I've got the girls hunting through Alex and Lissa's room for all of my knitting and crocheting stuff. Once the mittens are done, then we're going to start to organize it. I need to know what is actually projects, and what is just yarn that's hanging out and socializing with the rest of my stash. That will help me focus on what I can clear up before New Year's and what I can add to my UFO project. I might even get some frogging and balling done.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue with Alex's short row ribbed scarf. I'm really not pleased with it, and I might just make scarves for the girls using that pattern. Using only one strand of the WW and smaller needles will make it much smaller, and more managable. I might just make him a self-fringing scarf or a mini-HP. I just don't know yet.

Tuesday, December 27

Another FO today!

Well I finished the knitting on Lissa's hat this afternoon, crocheted the pom pom alternative thingy, and wove in the ends on it. I also wove in the ends on Alex's socks. That makes 2 FOs today, and the ends done on 3 more. YAY FOR ME!!! I've got to get pics taken of all this stuff and get it posted.

I hope my hands cooperate with me tomorrow. Then I can get the thumbs done on the girls' mitts, and then that will be two more FOs under my belt! I found another chullo pattern, this one is crocheted, but I think it's DK/sport yarn rather than WW. I really don't feel like trying to convert the pattern, so I'll use the knitted one I found and make it a touch smaller since I already know roughly how many stitches I need in WW for the girls. I hope they turn out cute. I want to make them stocking caps as well, but I think the chullos will be faster so that they can wear them when they go back to school.

I've been up since before 5 am, and it's now nearly 11... even though I had like 14 hours of sleep, I'm really tired. I'm gonna head to bed and cross my fingers that my hands work tomorrow!

Scarf #3 done!

Well I finished the last of the knitting on the last scarf and wove in the ends. All that I need to do now is decide who gets which one, and then take pictures. My hands still aren't really behaving, so I don't know if I'll feel up to finishing Lissa's hat today. I know it will look adorable on her though! I might be able to handle the thumbs on the mittens. It will be tight knitting, but it's only a few rows, so I hope that I can manage. It feels soooo good to be finishing these items off. It's a relief both physically as well as mentally!

Two scarves done... one to go!

Those funny looking yarn needles I bought a while back sure came in handy! There is no way I ever would have gotten the boucle and the fun fur in the same needle to weave in the ends. I just did the ends on the pinks scarf and the blues scarf. I still have a bit of knitting to go on the oranges scarf before I can finish that one off. I want to get a pic of the girls all in their scarves and post it here!

Now, do I try to knit, or do I find my proper tapestry needles to finish off the ends in Alex's socks???

I did a Kitchener seam... YEAH!

Well I downloaded the video for the Kitchener stitch this morning from KH. Since my hands will not allow me to knit {still!}, I figgered I could do a bit of end weaving at least. I grabbed the pair of dpns that held Alex's socks and went at it. The first seam looks a little wonky. I probably put my needle in the wrong spot a couple of times, but that's okay. The second sock looks fine. It's kind of hard to tell since it's on a very dark area of the camo pattern, but I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. A couple more seams and I think I'll have it down pat. I did learn one thing though... I'll want to leave a yarn tail longer than 8 inches in the future. I like a little more than 2-3 inches of leftover yarn to do my end weaving with.

One "task" down... 4 ends to go on these socks! Then it's the ends on the scarves, unless my hands let me knit, then I want to do the thumbs of the mittens.

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!!!

Well for some of us the holidays are basically over, and for others they are still in the middle of them. I hope you all had {or are having} an enjoyable time. This time of year can be very depressing for people, myself included. I often have to force myself into a more sociable mood in order to survive all the festivities. I guess Derek is like that this year too, which is probably part of the reason why he wasn't too enthusiastic about going to his staff party this year. I'm still very happy with the way things turned out that night. The intimate dinner was much more enjoyable.

This week I hope to be able to finish off quite a few of the projects I have on the go. So many items are around me that are nearly finished, and I want to clear them up so that I can actually tell what else I need to make for the kids and such. Finding the top of my desk would be a very good thing right now! Additionally, if I can get the pressure off of cleaning up my nearly-done's, then I can concentrate on the stitch markers I want to release after New Year's. I haven't been able to obtain the jewelry findings I need for the crochet ones yet, but I have my fingers crossed. The department manager in crafts and fabrics is a friend of mine, so she has ordered several items for me, and I can get her to check on the status of them for me. Worse comes to worse, I can go on a mission of various WMs here in town and stock up on what I will need.

Today's plan: Seam Alex's socks, weave in ends on girl's scarves, finish Lissa's hat, and organize bead supplies a bit.

Wednesday, December 21

One more gift done!

Well I finished off Alex's stocking cap yesterday. I came up with a pretty interesting looking tassel/ pompom alternative to finish it off with. It turned out a little bigger than I had hoped/expected, so I'm going to have to play with the pattern a bit more before I can put it up on the Bistro. My 3.75 mm circular has decided to play hide-n-seek, so I can't even start one of the hats for Lissa or the girls. I'll get a pic of him modelling it on Christmas.
I cast on Alex's short row ribbed scarf last night. I went with a 10 mm pair of needles with the two strands of WW. It's turning out huge AND thick. It will be okay for when the girls take him to the park, but it won't be practical for me to make one for Lissa. I'll have to figure out something different for her. Perhaps a mini-HP scarf??? I'll make her hat first anyway since she already has the fur scarf from last year, and I made her a LB Boucle/Fun Fur scarf like I did for the girls.
I doubt if I'll get any more hats done in time for Christmas. I want to get the thumbs on the girls' mitts, and figure out what all I'm going to get finished otherwise.

Tuesday, December 20

An evening out!

Well Saturday was Derek's staff Christmas party. Everything didn't get done as I had planned, but I did get enough done that I could go out in public without being arrested! The Casual Cot'n top is now officially DONE!!! YAY!!! Buttons on, ends woven in. It does need a good blocking, but looked good enough that I was able to wear it on Saturday. The evening bag was also a hit. I didn't get the beads done, but it still looked great as is. It held what I needed it to, and that's what really mattered! We ended up not going it to the party after all. I was frantically sewing up the last of the seams and putting on my buttons, and by the time I finished we ended up being too late to have dinner. Derek wasn't feeling very well because his tooth that he's getting a root canal on absessed, and he looked like someone punched him in the jaw. We decided not to go since neither of us was really all that enthusiastic about it, and we went and had an intimate dinner for two at a local Chinese restaurant. I think I had a much better time since I wasn't in that much of a "party-it-up" mood anyway.

Elegant Knit & Crochet Cardigan in RH Casual Cot'nHere's how the top turned out. I'm extremely pleased with it, and have gotten many compliments on it already. It's actually my first knit clothing FO for me! It's a tad short in the sleeves and length, but that will all work out once it's washed the first time and does its inevitable growth spurt! The RH Casual Cot'n was a dream to work with. It was very soft on the hands, and very forgiving to a newbie knitter. The only problem I had with the yarn is that the nubby texture tended to make some of my stitches uneven, but nothing too terrible. It all adds to the character of the top, and I'm sure that some of the uneveness will wash out.

Evening Bag in Lustersheen and South Maid cotton, before beadingHere's the evening bag, sans beads. I think it turned out really cute. Everyone that's seen it thinks that it's just great. It's hard to see the pattern, but it's just a simple shell variation. I used less than one ball of South Maid crochet cotton in black/gold, and less than one skein of black Lustersheen. It holds my cigarettes, my change purse, hand cream, and chapstick... what more do you need? I still want to put the beads on it, but that may have to wait until right after Christmas. I have the pattern written up to this point, so it won't be hard to get the rest of it done and up on the Bistro site in time for New Year's!

Wednesday, December 14

"Monday" morning ramblings...

Yes, Monday!!! My weekend is over and I work tonight... that makes it Monday to me. *BLEH* At least I've got socks to work on at my breaks to keep me out of trouble -- YA RIGHT!!!
Man, have I got a lot to do on here! I know that my sidebar is in serious need of some attention. I haven't really updated it since the middle of November! *screams* I have a few FOs to report, and links and such to weed through. I want to streamline it a bit more, and add the neato status bars I got from "some" site... I'll link that when I do the update! I'm thinking more and more about the UFO situation, and by New Year's I may have an exciting announcement to make. I won't spill it all since I haven't completely decided yet, but if I go ahead, it will help us all get a few of those dealt with -- be it by frogging or stitching.
I'm sitting here waiting for my hands to uncramp so I can get some more work done on the evening bag. It's turning out quite nicely, if I do say so myself. I've got a pattern for the body of it that I'm pleased with, and now it's just a matter of repeating it until it's the size I want. I still need to decide on what type of drawstring/ handle I'm going to make. I've set up the stitching to make it easy to do the beadwork last. I know how I'm going to attach it and such, but don't know exactly how or what I'm going to do.
Well I guess I'll go peruse KH for a bit until I can get back to work here... more later!

A few projects closer to Christmas!

Just a fast post before I *try* to get some sleep! I just wanted to say how I'm a little bit closer to being done my Christmas projects.

Alex's Camo SockToday I finished the knitting on Alex's second sock. All I need to do now is watch the video at KH, and read the article in one of my mags on how to graft the toes. Once the grafting is done, they're done! *YAY* The pic is of the first one I finished. I posted it to KH to show how different the striping is from the ribbing that I made and frogged {twice!} for Derek's socks. Even though it doesn't have a true camouflage pattern to it, I think it looks tons better striped like this than the spiral I was getting on the bigger ones.

I have two of the LB Boucle/Fun Fur scarves done now, with the third on the needles right now. They basically only take a day to make, so it's a fast FO to have at least *something* under the tree for the kids that I made. I'll take a pic of them all once I get the tangerine one done and the ends all woven in. I bought a really neat looking set of yarn needles that I think will be perfect for this. It looks like a regular yarn need for most of it, but the eye is actually a small loop of nylon cord. It will make threading the needle a breeze, instead of the nightmare I'd have with a regular one.

I still need to decide what to do about Derek's socks. I know that I can't make him camouflage ones in time. I think I will have to make him a double-stranded version or use two yarns at once and alternate them in order to avoid the horrid spirals I was getting. I don't want to take the time it would need to play around with it, and I really don't have the mind power for it right now either. I figured it out that it will cost me nearly $25.00 {or more if I need dpns too} to make him the hockey socks from Ram Wools. It *is* worth it since I will be able to use the stripe colour yarn to make more socks in the future, and will have a pattern leaflet with WW sock patterns, plus they *are* knee-high. But, can I *really* do it in time? decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, December 13

New Year's Resolutions?

Well I've been thinking about this for a while, and a thread on the KH Forum got me going again on it. I want 2006 to be a UFO extermination year. I'm going to dig out my ancient UFOs and get them done, at least one a month. Mainly what I'm looking at are my labour-intensive ones that will take a bit of time and concentration to complete. I'll probably set up something on the sidebar to let you know how I'm doing, and to keep myself focussed. This is the list I have so far:
  • Granny dishcloth shawl {about 75%+ done}
  • Popcorn MAM afghan {not touched in 4 years... mebbe half done???}
  • Crocheted aran top in Patons Grace {about half the back done, if that}
  • Homepsun sweater coat {about one third of the back done}
  • DHs fair isle-style crocheted pullover {not even sure where I am on that!!!}

That is more than enough to keep me going for a couple of months. It will sure be nice to get some of these long-term UFOs cleared away. The shawl and sweater I started in Febuary of last year, the rest of the projects are more than a year old, and in the case of the popcorn MAM, it's probably getting closer to 5 years old! I know I haven't worked on it since we moved here, and that was October 2001!!!

Monday, December 12

[brag] I did it! [/brag]

Well I went and did it, I created what I believe to be the world's first fancy crochet stitch marker. Why should knitters have all the fun???

Attachable Stitch Marker

Introducing the first decorative stitch marker designed for the needs of crocheters. Well at least I think it's the first one, I can't ever recall seeing any recloseable ones in the knitting mag ads. I made it smaller than the knitting marker I made the other day. That way it won't weigh as much, and won't get in the way of your hands while stitching. In any case, I think it's a good start to something new and innovative to offer at the Bistro.

The work in the picture is the start {I hope} of a evening bag I'm designing for Derek's Christmas Dinner Party on Saturday. I was having a rough time seeing the stitches since it's all black, and figgered that a stitch marker would help me at least find the beginning of the round.

How cool is that???

Knitting Stitch MarkerWell I've seen pictures of fancy stitch markers in knitting magazines a *LOT* lately. Well since it's all from the US, and the prices and exchange are ridiculous, I never really gave them much thought. Then I found out a lady on the forum was making them and selling them. Of course I had to check them out! Well, like a typical crafter, I said to myself, "Hey, I can make those!" Well an ungodly amount spent on beads and such later, I can now truthfully say, "I did make it myself!!!"
I must say that I think I did a not-bad job considering I haven't done any jewelry-making in about 10 years or so. Definitely longer than 6 years, in any case. It is my intent to eventually offer some for sale on my website. I'll be gearing towards two forgotten markets... the Canadians, and the crocheters... more on that when I actually get some more done!

STR... before and after!

STR HanksHere we go!!! This is the STR as I received it. All pretty and squishy and... in a hank!!! The one of the left is the Romancing the Stone and the one on the right is the Azure Malachite. I hope the colours come through good. I have to admit that there's nothing to compare to seeing this stuff in person! It feels so soft!

STR BallsThis is the "after" photo. Strange how seeing it balled up changes the look of the yarn, isn't it? Also, both are actually centre-pull balls! If you look carefully you can see the yarn tail sticking out of the top of the balls. I did it by hand using a method I learned on I now have a button for them on the margin of the blog... check 'em out, they're a great bunch there!

So far I have resisted the urge to cast on with this yarn. I've even been so goos as to not decide on which pattern I'm going to use with it. I figgered that would make the temptation too great. It's 2 weeks today to Christmas... must not cast on... must not touch the yarn... must not cast on... must not touch the yarn... ROFL

Tuesday, December 6

STR in da house!!!

IT ARRIVED TODAY!!! I got my "Socks that Rock" yarn order in the mail today. Not bad at all, I ordered it 2 weeks ago, and it arrived here in 13 days {according to the postmark} even with the American Thanksgiving weekend caught in there! I got one hank of 'Romancing the Stone' and one hank of 'Azure Malachite' . I lucked out and got the last 2 hanks that Toni had of each. With the exchange and shipping, these will definitely be the most expensive socks I will ever hope to own, but GEEZ!!! look at those colours!!! The web site definitely doesn't do these colours justice. I will need to take a pic of these after I wind them into balls so that I can share it with you all!

Professional looking ribbing.

As promised, here's the link for the ribbing trick I just learned. It sure works up nicely IMO. I've finished Alex's first sock and I'll post a picture of that once I graft the toe. I've got it sitting on a spare pair of dpns right now because I want to learn how to do a kitchener seam properly for once. All I've done so far is sew up the seam, and did a three needle bind-off on another.

Thursday, December 1

Found the camera cord!

Well the camera cord has been found. YAY! now I can post the pictures I took yesterday of the Skacel sweater sleeve and Derek's {now-frogged} sock. Hover your mouse over the pictures for a description of the yarn and needles used. You can also click the pictures to see the full-sized size version of the images.

Bernat Hot Sox 'Army Hot' on 3.25 mm dpns. Here you can see how nice and neat the ribbing stitches are thanks to the trick I learned from Nona's blog. I'll have to find that link again and post it for everyone. Basically, I call it purling backwards, but it's actually a take on a twisted purl. I think it gives a real professional finish to the ribbing. You can also see how the striping decided to spiral around the sock. *Definitely* not the look I was going for! Not bad for one afternoon's work though, I must say! Whaddayathink?

2 strands Sirdar Denim Chunky in Cream and Denim on 12.75 mm needles.Here's the sleeve swatch from the Skacel Sweater Ad. I think that holding two yarns together has given it a much more random look in the variations than if I had used just a normal marl or varigated yarn. Don't you agree? Now that I've finally gotten the gauge to a liveable comparision to what's in the pattern, I will be able to fly on this once the holidays are over. I am just thrilled with how this is turning out. The finished effect will be very similar to the one in the ad, and much softer too due to the fibre content of the yarn. This took me about 2-3 days to get done, if that. I'm always working on so much at once, it's hard to tell how long *ONE* thing takes me!