Wednesday, February 16

The fish swims!!!

Well I finished my cloth a little while ago and I'm now casting on the stitches for my Little Houses one. I'm sooo happy to have finished something... it's my first FO of 2005!

OMG!!! Has it really been a week since I posted???

I can't believe it! It's actually been a week since I've posted! Anyhoo, the fishy dishy is nearly ready to swim. I'm hoping to finish it today as I think I've only got about 8 more rows to do on it! The next cloth for Dishcloth Month will be the Little Houses cloth. I'm soooo far behind everyone else at NCB Knitting Chat right now! Then I'm going to be doing the Breast Cancer Awareness cloth. If I remember correctly, BCA month is February, so it's only fitting.

Tuesday, February 8

So busy knitting I forgot to post!

Well I've been so busy knitting on my dishcloth and crocheting on Derek's slippers, that I forgot all about posting to my blog! Well, that and sleep deprivation. Today is the start of my "weekend" so sometimes I sleep during the day, sometimes I do not. Today I didn't get a chance to take a nap, so I'm nearing 24 hours awake straight.
I've got about 2 inches knitted so far, and it's going pretty good. The SSKs are getting easier with each row. I found out about another dishcloth today that I thought might be fun to do as well. I'm still hunting for the slippers pattern... it's probably listed in the links section of the chat group! LOL

Monday, February 7

I actually got something accomplished!!!

Yes... BION, I got something accomplished on a work day!!! Last night before work I worked a bit on the project for the Bistro... it sure felt good to crochet before work! I've been working on it a bit this morning too, so I will have it done shortly. I also went digging and found my knitting tackle box. I've started my fishy dishy... done the casting on, and the first 4 rows of garter stitch. Now I have to go learn how to do a ssk so that I can get the body of the cloth done. Once the Bistro project is done, then I can go back and forth between Derek's slippers and the cloth. It feels soooooo good to be crocheting and knitting again! =o)

Sunday, February 6

I hate weekends!

Well here it is, Sunday morning, and I haven't crocheted a stitch in two days. Working night shift every weekend *really* sucks! I need to finish an order for the Bistro today, then I can get on to working on Derek's slippers and my dishcloths. Now only if I could figure out a way to crochet or knit while sleeping. =o)
It's getting frustrating for me that I can't seem to accomplish anything at all from the time I start work Friday night till after I take a nap after work on Tuesday morning. What's going to happen once I go back to working 5 days again??? I don't need to really worry about that yet. It will be at least 3-4 months before that happens. Hopefully I can get myself motivated enough to get more finished in the meantime. The yarn aisle is starting to talk to me again, so I *have* to get some stuff done so I can buy more stash!

Saturday, February 5

What to do? What to do???

Now I have a *real* problem... after weeks {months} of no inspiration, I'm being pulled in several different directions as to what I should work on. There's Derek's slippers that need to be finished {he asks me every day when he gets home from work, "are my slippers done yet?"; and there's the two colours of yarn waiting for needles to start the KAL {let's not even get into my HUGE stash of UFOs!}. So what do I do? I got more cotton pounders last night. There was a freebie sheet for a pretty Valentine's table topper done in white, pink and red; and another for a rug done in the bright neon shades. The yarn all followed me home, and now I don't know what to do with it! =o)

Friday, February 4

Gonna make some cheer-up fishies...

Well I got some bad news today, so I decided against going with the "Finding Nemo" themed dishcloths. Lilac {and similar shades of purple} is my "cheer up" colour, so that's what I went fishing for in my craft room this afternoon. I came out with two small balls of Bernat Handicrafter... one is called soft violet, and the other is called violet veil ombre. The soft violet is like a light lilac, and the ombre has the violet shade, blue denim, soft yellow and white in it. I'm hoping these will make me some cheery dishcloths. Now I just need to find where Derek put my knitting tackle box when he cleaned up so that I can get out my needles... I want to get started!

Here fishy fishy!

Well it looks like the group has agreed with me about the fishy dishy. Lyz said that the size needles used in the pattern are what you normally use for worsted weight yarn. So I get to go find a fishy colour in my stash. I wonder if I have any orange and white vari so that I can make a Nemo cloth... or maybe blue to make a Dory cloth! I will have to figure out where Derek put my small balls of cotton yarn when he cleaned up my yarn cryogenics testing lab . He put the heaters in there so I can actually get in there without suffereing from frostbite!

Thursday, February 3

Gotta get inspired!

Well I haven't been doing much crocheting lately, and definitely no knitting in ages. I needed a kick in the butt to get moving again. I started on a pair of slippers for Derek, but that's not going to keep me busy {or inspired} for long. I also wanted to get my list chatting more so I put out a call for suggestions, and it appears we're going to do a knit-a-long. I'm looking forward to it since I haven't picked up my needles in so long. The pattern we're doing is the fishy dishy dishcloth, and it's got a new-to-me stitch in it... the ssk. Can't wait to get started. =o)

Guess I've jumped on the blog bandwagon!

Well I guess I've decided to join in the fun of blogs! I don't know how often I will add to this, but it should be fun! I will be posting about what I'm working on, what I'm designing, and of course about my main inspriation for new projects/designs... Alex and Lissa!